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We strive to provide the best services for our family of customers. In an effort to ensure we are as efficient as possible, we welcome open communication. Please express your thoughts comments or concerns. Knowing how we are doing will give us the tools to improve our services, giving our customers an outstanding experience.

We pump any & all nonhazardous liquid wastes in Maricopa, Yavapai & Pinal counties. If you have waste that needs to be pumped and you are unsure of the exact classification, please feel free to call and speak with a representative. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find an appropriate means to disposing of this waste.

What is Non-Hazardous liquid Waste?

Bilge Water

Catch Basin Wastewaters

Chemical Wastewaters

Contaminated Ground Waters

Coolant Wastewaters

Equipment Wastewaters

Food Grade Wastewaters

Grease Trap Wastewaters

Grit Trap Wastewaters

Industrial Sludge


Landfill Leachate

Latex Wastewaters

Lint Trap Wastewaters

Metal Bearing Liquids

Oily Waters

Oil Recycling

Oil Water Separators

Organic Liquids

Organic Chemical Wastewater

Process Wastewaters

Remediation Waters

Septic Wastewater


Tank Sediments & Washout Waters

Wastewaters with Solids

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Regular maintenance of your Septic, Grease Trap and all other waste water systems is not only necessary for our environment, but mandatory per city, state & federal regulations. To find compliance guidelines for your F.O.G (Fats, Oils & Grease) systems, visit your city’s environmental quality department. For State septic information, please click the link below for the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.

You can find more information on your system and the regulations where your system is located by clicking the appropriate link below.

AZ Dept. Of Environmental Quality

Environmental Protection Agency

CDC- Septic Safety Information

Septic Tank Safety

Maricopa County Health Department

Pinal County Health Department

Yavapai County Health Department

City Of Phoenix F.O.G Info         City Of Scottsdale F.O.G Info

City Of Mesa F.O.G Info              City Of Tempe F.O.G Info


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