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If you DUMP it, We will PUMP it! If something seems wrong, call us to send a YUCK TRUCK to make it right!24 Hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays!

House Guests Can make a MESS!!!!

How??? Additional people in your home can add more water and waste then usual to your system. During the holidays, more hands are being washed, the toilet and shower is being used more often, we are sending an increased amount of leftovers down the garbage disposal. Having too much more water and waste enter your system in any amount of time, can cause back ups and overflowing; especially if your tank has not been pumped in a while. This can turn into an expensive mess.

Be proactive!!  Give us a call at 602 738-7867!!! We are available 24 hours a day, including holidays. Don’t wait until your sinks and toilets stop draining or that YUCK from your septic tank comes back into the house to bring in the new year.

Signs of a problem brewing:

Nauseous Smell          Gurgling Sound          Bubbling          Slow Draining          No Draining

Waste Backing Up           Pooling Water         Increased Vegetation


Septic Pumping & Cleaning Services

A Greener Life provides you with a complete service to include:

septic pumping   Septic Tank Pumping

septic pumping   Septic Tank Cleaning

septic pumping   Septic Filter Cleaning (If Applicable)

septic pumping  Septic Check-Up : Our technician will give your system a thorough check up to ensure your system is running efficiently when we leave. Our goal is to catch any problem before it becomes a headache for you.

septic pumping  Education: Our service techs can answer any of your questions. They will explain our process to you and give you tips for keeping your system healthy.

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Did you know, most homeowners do not get their septic tank pumped until they are over capacity. When waste water has nowhere else to go, it will begin to back up into you sinks, toilets, bathtubs and yards-leaving a mess of waste for you and your family to step in. There are signs that your tank is full, for example, slow running water, slow drains. Pay attention….your system is trying to tell you something! Septic pumping frequency varies based on the number of people in your home and the size of the tank:


When was your septic tank last pumped?????

Issues that arise from a septic tank over capacity can be very costly. It is important to adhere as much as possible to the guidelines on regular septic maintenance and to call for an immediate assessment the minute you begin to see a difference in you water flow and/or drainage. Regular maintenance can also save you money in the long run. When you care for your septic system the proper way, you can add years to the life. The average cost of replacing a septic system can range between $3,000 and $10,000.

How does a septic system work?

All drains in the home converge to a single pipe that leads to the septic tank buried outside. When the waste water from your toilet, showers, sinks and washing machine leave your house, it’s combined. When it hits the septic tank, however, it begins to separate. The heaviest particulate matter in the waste, called sludgseptic-tank-pumpinge, sinks to the bottom. At the top of the tank, fats, oils and proteins form the floating scum layer. In the middle is the comparatively clear liquid layer called effluent or gray water. Combined, these components are called septage. *

What is a drainfield?

The drainfield, also known as the leachfield, absorption bed, disposal field or seepage field performs the task of accepting and processing waste water, or effluent, from the septic tank before it returns to natural aquifers below the earth’s surface. All systems rely on the ability of the drainfield soil to absorb water.


How well do you know your system?

When you call for septic maintenance, some questions will be asked regarding your system. Knowing this information can help the service provider give you the best possible estimate for service. The information you will be asked for include:

  1. What size is your tank? (in gallons)
  2. Do you know where the man hole, or system clean out is located? (if you do not, NEVER FEAR,  we provide locating services)
  3. If you know the location, is the man hole or clean out visible? Is it underground? ( when they are underground, digging will be necessary. Some tank openings can be as far as 9 feet under ground)
  4. Any concerns? (at A Greener Life, we try to ensure our techs have as much information as possible when they arrive. Please let your scheduling representative know of any concerns you may be having about your system)

With A Greener Life, all of our service trucks are equipped to battle any situation that may arise. It is important to remember, while you will get an estimated cost for service; our technicians will give your system a thorough check up and alert you of any other work that may be able to help your system run more efficiently. Note any issues you may notice and let your technician know.

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